Le Fontane Az. Agriapistica  

Loc. M.te Fontane  Camporosso (IM)

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Our farm is located at 350 m.s.l. The apiary  is close to The Regional Park of  West Ligurian Alps. This park offers  wide blossom uncontaminated and far from pollution sources, with plenty of mediterranean trees and bushes maquis (rosemary, thyme, heather, cistus, , etc...).

No chemical amendments or weed  is used in cultivating our olive trees, our aromatical herbes, or fruit trees. Only natural methods are adopted to fight insects, if  it's necessary, but never chemicals. In the same way, our bees are never feeded with sugar, and, if a treatment is needed, only manipulative methods or essentials herbes extracts are adopted. That mean an accurated and repetitive control of our hives health, that impose us a very few numer of  hives to breed.   The natural Stradivario's paint , based on propolis, is used for renewing the external side of our hives. . 

The result of all that work and care are products  as healthy as possible, that give to our customer a unique taste too.

Our very limitated crops, offered to our few customers, are the same we and our babies eat .

You can visit our farm, let us have a phone call.


You can find our products directly in our farm, on some open markets dedicated to farmers and now on internet.

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